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Vargo + Lewis has worked in partnership with our organisation creating a number of successful change management and organisational development initiatives. The consultants have impressed us with their ability to relate to people from all walks of life. They are always looking for new ideas and practical improvements that benefit our organisation and people. Vargo + Lewis has greatly contributed to developing the current “employer of choice” culture we proudly hold.

Human Resources Manager

Vargo + Lewis continue to provide our organisation with very high quality people development services. Their well established coaching programme enables staff to be effective coaches and coachees, building capability for the business to deliver successfully on its activities and outcomes. A variety of leadership development and “fit for the job” programmes have made an invaluable contribution to our success as a dynamic learning organisation.

Carolyn Robertson
Library and Information Manager, Christchurch City Council

My employers and I recognised that I needed management coaching. The style of my consultant at Vargo + Lewis was inclusive and based upon an acute knowledge of human behaviour as well as management theory. This enabled me to improve my own management style as well as give me valuable personal insights and knowledge of how I am perceived by others.

James Branthwaite

Ever wondered whether the person you are hiring fits into your team, culture and what sort of personality they have?  We have!!  We discussed this with Vargo + Lewis and found their solutions very helpful.  They give us a deeper insight into the person and any potential issues.  Highly recommend them. Alan Chartered Accountant
A PhD graduate needs to have acquired a wide range of ‘transferrable skills’ to take through their future employment pathway, whether in a continuing research environment (increasingly less likely) or a wider employment area. Such skills as understanding and identifying their personal traits and skills and how to match them to jobs that they would or certainly not consider. Our group of PhD students were amazed to be drawn into learning and skills areas that they had not even considered before and are certain to keep what they learned from Vargo + Lewis throughout their careers. Distinguished Professor, Lincoln University
What I most appreciated was Helen’s ability to be both professional and personable at the same time. She also demonstrated great active listening skills so she could emphasize aspects of the material that were most relevant to my needs. Her well-timed prompts helped me explore my strengths and career goals, and articulate them with clarity. I believe that the guidance received from Helen, helped me prepare for an interview, which led to my landing a role that we had discussed during the last session of the workshop.
I have had the pleasure of working with Vargo & Lewis for the past 20 years through 3 different organisations. I highly recommend the insight gained from working them. We have been able to utilise their services for change management, strategic direction, leadership coaching and team development. Their strategies are slick and smart and therefore easy to implement. It has been great being able to take the learnings through multiple industries further embedding them for a lifetime of benefits. Business Manager, Medical Centre
We have worked with Vargo+Lewis for four years and value the partnership we have established with them. They have worked on many projects with us, providing an independent view and enabling us to empower performance through our people and teams to deliver change and progress that has allowed us to achieve our strategic goals

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At Vargo + Lewis our focus is on people, leadership and change management. We work with both organisations and individuals seeking to explore, initiate or manage change effectively.